Knotted Bracelet

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My desire for crafts doesn’t seem to be diminishing.  I got the thought in my head last night that I wanted to make hemp bracelets again, something I enjoyed as a kid.  I have no hemp, but instead, conveniently sitting on the coffee table right in front of me was Dave’s waxed polyester for bookbinding.  I found a random box of beads to play with, and here is the result!


Ribbon Flowers

•July 30, 2011 • 1 Comment

Sometimes the need to create is overwhelming, and last night was one of those times.  My life has consisted of hours of studying littered with “breaks” to unpack and clean up.  At least half of our belongings remain in boxes scattered throughout the apartment.  Needless to say I have not had much time to relax, and most of my crafting supplies are hidden right now.  I had a box of embroidery floss, some small sheets of origami paper, and some one yard satin ribbon samples from Paper Parachute.  Looking forward to a three day weekend (I currently have no class on Mondays) I felt like I could finally relax.  The instant this thought entered my mind the need to create something took over.  I desperately weighed my options.  Origami came first, but I couldn’t find any patterns I felt like making.  Embroidery sounded like fun, but what could I embroider?  It seemed like too much work to find some fabric and plan out a design.  I wanted something fast, easy, and fun.  Then the answer hit me.  Ribbon flowers.  I had never made one, but I wanted to figure it out.  Here are the results of that endeavor.  I’m not super thrilled with them, but I’m happy enough and they were fun and relatively easy, and I can see how the more I make the more control I’ll have (as with all things).

Master of my own fate

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So I kind of dropped off the face of the planet as far as blogging goes.  What honestly happened was I was waiting to get pictures off my camera so I could post about Artfest.  Yes, it’s been since before Artfest that I posted a blog… that’s 3-4 months *gasp* and I have just been completely preoccupied with other things.  Other things being life.

People always say you can do anything you put your mind to, and I decided to put that to the test.  I wasn’t necessarily unhappy where I was in life, but I was pretty sure it could get better.  It had been two years since I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Linguistics, and having been employed in a completely unrelated field for that time period, I was starting to crave something more related to my interests.  So I applied to college once more.

It was at Artfest that I received the good news, I was accepted.  And here I sit, in the midst of my first quarter as a post-baccalaureate student in Speech and Hearing Sciences, presumably making my way towards a career in Speech Language Pathology.  My classes are fascinating, my professors both knowledgeable and entertaining, and I really couldn’t be happier.

Dave and I moved to Seattle, I quit my full time job and am devoting most of my time to my studies.  Now that the dust is starting to settle I may even find time to start spinning and doing other crafty things again.  We’ll see.  We are masters of our fate.

One last news update: Dave (Gearskull Studios) will be a vendor at Journalfest and Steamcon!  He’s got some really cool journals in the works for these shows so you should go say hi to him 🙂

Prepping for Artfest Vendor Night!

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With Artfest right around the corner I’m trying to wrap up some projects to sell at vendor night, where I’m sharing a table with my amazing boyfriend Dave Steele who makes amazing journals.  Check out his blog and etsy store!  I made this whale yesterday… it turned out ok.  Better than I thought while I was making it at least!Dave took me to The Weaving Works the other day in Seattle, and I got some new fibers to try out.  The gold yarn is Wensleydale wool, which is pretty soft, not like merino, but not scratchy, nice to spin.  The blue/green stuff is a merino/alpaca/silk blend that is very soft and amazing to spin.  The third fiber I don’t have a picture of, but it’s a baby camel/silk blend that is probably the softest yarn I’ve made ever, and it has a wonderful caramel color and a nice shine.

Orange Curly Yarn

•March 1, 2011 • 3 Comments

I spun this the other day, I felt like doing something a little different than what I’ve been doing lately, a little bit more like what I did when I was first starting out.  I found this beautiful hand-dyed wool I had purchased a couple of years ago from a fiber festival in Puyallup.  I have a lot of it, and wool is fairly easy to spin so I figured it was a good material to experiment with.  The result is beautiful and really inspiring for me.  Lately I’ve been spinning very straight, very even yarn in larger quantities, which is great for if you want to use them for scarves or hats or whatever, but these smaller bits of more arty yarn are what really make me happy.  These two skeins

are 18-19 yards long and I think they are great.  

Sherlock… Our New Puppy!

•February 22, 2011 • 1 Comment

So Dave and I have been talking about getting a puppy for a while, but had decided it would be best to wait until we move next, whenever that may be.  Last Thursday, however, Dave texted me at work to look at the Humane Society’s website because they had a cute yorkie-schnauzer mix puppy.  I agreed, it was ridiculously adorable and we ended up going down that day to look at him.  Well, such a cute puppy was in high demand, so we looked at what else they had there.  A little toy fox terrier seemed like he wanted to meet us so we took him out to the little meeting area and played with him a bit.  He was adorable, and he listened to us even though he didn’t know us.  We fell in love, and took him home.  It was a whirlwind day, and a crazy decision, but he in enriching our lives already.  He’s 1 year old, about 12 lbs, purebred, and amazing.

Dave and Sherlock

Sherlock and Piggy

Black? I think not… The final chapter!

•February 13, 2011 • 2 Comments

The finished skein

So this is the final product of the “black” fiber fiasco.  I plied it with some green soy silk that I dyed and carded the same way as the gray fiber.  The end product is almost 300 yards of a well-balanced skein of hand-dyed, hand-carded soy silk.  This was a lot of work but I’m pretty happy with it.  It would make a nice hat or something.  If you want to buy it here is its listing on Etsy!

The singles waiting to be plied